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Roast Your Own Coffee Beans: Get that Perfect Cup of Coffee!

Colombian is known for its GREAT coffee and I felt like being Colombian, I need to post something related with coffee. So, why not start with the very first step? Roasting coffee! After all, the first thing that a lot of us do, in the morning, is getting/making a cup of coffee.

You can roast your own coffee beans to make it just way you like: light, medium, medium-dark, or dark. To get that perfect roast you need to be careful with the temperature. If it is too hot then you cup of coffee will have a burnt taste (You don’t want that), and if it’s not hot enough, then your coffee will not have too much taste (My guess is that you don’t want that either).

Besides the temperature, there are other factors that should also take into consideration: time spent to reach the temperature, color change of the bean, timing of the first crack, timing of the second crack, total time of the roast, batch size, and moisture.

I know all of that can sound intimidating, but trust me it’s not that hard and the process is interesting and fun. Okay, okay! It’s not as easy as getting a cup of coffee from a coffee shop, but a Colombian is telling you that there is nothing better than having a cup of coffee from fresh roasted coffee beans! So, JUST trust her!

I’m obviously a proud Colombian, but I also want to disclaim that I’m not an expert in the topic (This is a science)… I did lot’s of research and testing to be able to write this post. Below are the best sites that I found if you can to read more about it:

  1. Sweet Maria’s
  2. Home Grounds



1 – 3 Servings

Prep time

1 minute

Cooking time

15 minutes


1 -3 kcal


  • 1 to 3 Tbs of Unroasted Green Coffee

  • 1 Ceramic Coffee Bean Roaster


  • Place the unroasted coffee beans in the ceramic coffee bean roaster. Pre-heated to around 450 degrees.
  • Add the coffee beans. Mix making circular movements every 10 seconds or so. I do this for about one minute off the heat. Then return to medium/high heat. It is important to mix when you see some smoke. I consistently mix the beans to ensure an even roast.
  • After few minutes heating the coffee beans, you will hear the first crack. If you want blond roast you can stop here, grind and make a cup of coffee.
  • Decrease medium heat to get an even roast. If you want a medium roast, keep roasting your coffee beans for few more minutes, until the beans look a little darker (About 10 minutes from when you started). Don’t stop mixing!
  • If you want dark roast, keep roasting until you hear the second crack. Don’t stop mixing!
  • If you are happy with roast remove the beans from the ceramic coffee bean roaster. The ceramic is hot and if you leave them there, you will keep roasting that that can ruin your roast. You can also leave them there until it cools, but keep mixing so you get an even roast.
  • Grind the coffee beans and make your cup of coffee!

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