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Rice Pudding (Arroz con Leche)

Back home, I used to eat rice pudding every Christmas, and Easter. In Colombia, for each of those holidays, you will start making desserts ahead of time, for the pre-holiday celebration parties, So you will be eating rice pudding at least 9 days before Christmas and 4 days before Eater… This is because your family will probably be staying at your house celebrating each holiday in advanced. Just to be clear, this happens in every Colombian family. In Colombia, we like to extend a holiday over several days or even weeks…

This dessert screams “HOME” to me. Probably because rice pudding is a staple of my mom’s cuisine. I don’t think I know anybody that can eat more rice pudding than my mom, She usually makes a cup of rice (Which after cooking becomes a full medium cooking pot) and eats it in one night. I can’t blame her, rice pudding has soft and not overpowering dessert flavor, that allows you to have several serving without feeling guilty.
This rice pudding is creamy, soft, with lots of vanilla and cinnamon flavor. Yes! lots of cinnamon! That’s how I like mine.


  • 4 1/2 Cups of Water

  • 1 Tbs of Ground Cinnamon

  • 1 Large Cinnamon Stick

  • 1 Cup of Short Grain Rice (or sushi rice),wash and soak rice in warm water for 10 minutes.

  • 12 Oz of Evaporated Milk

  • 14 Oz of Condensed Milk

  • 1/2 Cup of Raisins (Optional)

  • 2 Egg Yolks – If rice pudding needs to thicken.

  • Ground Cinnamon for Garnish


  • Bring to boil the water, ground cinnamon, and cinnamon stick for 15 minutes .
  • Add the rice, evaporated milk, condensed milk, and raisins (optional). Cook all ingredients in low heat for 25 minutes.
  • Remove one cup of the mixture and place in a separate bowl to cool. Let the other mixture continue to cook.
  • Once the mixture in a separate bowl has reached room temperature, add the 2 yolks and mix quickly.

  • Combine the mixture with the egg with the rest of the rice pudding in the cooking pot.
  • You can let it cool or eat warm, but before eating it, add little bit more of ground cinnamon on top.


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