Pastry Love – A Recommendation

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been making updates and improvements to this blog (you might have noticed my new theme). While doing all these new improvements, I thought it would also be a great time to introduce a new type of post. As I thought over what these new posts could be, I reflected on the many things that I love. I began to notice many of the things, often have been recommendations. So here we have it my recommendations.

As I (and everyone else) have been stuck indoors during the COVID-19 times, I have taken on the task of improving my baking skills. The first thing I did was went on to amazon and bought a couple of baking books. While the few I bought are pretty good, the one I have constantly go back to is Pastry Love by Joanne Chang.

It has plenty of advice on ingredients, technics, and equipment. The book is well laid out and easily digestible. It has a variety of recipes, including vegan ones. All of them that I have made so far have been wonderful tasting and enjoyable to make. If you don’t have a copy and are looking to start baking more, I would definitely recommend picking up Pastry Love.

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