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BBQ Pulled Pork

My husband was born and raised in Lawrence (ks), which is only 45 minutes from Kansas City. As you guys know, Kansas City BBQ is well known for there smoky flavor and tenderness of the meet. Since my husband grew up with having great BBQ, we had to figure out a good way to have it at home. This recipe is really easy. It’s made with the sous vide, which means that is a “marinate meet” and forget about recipe. It takes about 15 minutes of active time.

Now that I live in San Diego, I like to cook for my family, friends, and coworkers with this easy recipe. You can make a good quantity of food (for cheap) and everybody is impressed every time. This is my to go recipe when I participate in potlucks and I guarantee everybody will love it.


  • 1 Pork Shoulder (Butt)

  • Salt

  • 3/4 Cup Molasses

  • 2 Tbs Liquid Smoke

  • Favorite BBQ Sauce ( I used a KC Style)


  • Prepare your sous vide by setting the water temp to 175 F.
  • Pat Dry the Pork shoulder and cut into 2 1/2 inch cubes.
  • Salt the pork cube generously.
  • In a bowl mix the molasses and liquid smoke.
  • In a Zip lock baggy, place the pork and molasses mixture. Close and shake it all around, so the pork is well coated.
  • Place the zip lock bag in the sous vide for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours remove the meat. Shred the mean (At this point it should be super easy to shred.)
  • Mix in your favorite BBQ sauce to our preferred level of sauciness and enjoy!


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