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    Cuban Creole Chicken

    This chicken is perfect for summer. You will need to marinate the chicken with orange and lemon juice which will give it a great citrus flavor. For some reason, when the summer is around, I’m into adding these fruits in whatever I eat. It doesn’t really matter what it is. Sweet or savory. I want lemon, and orange in my food Traditionally this chicken is eaten with rice and beans. Give it a try!

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    Huevos Rancheros

    Yes! Mexican food is delicious, but these eggs are another level! Fried corn tortilla with eggs and homemade salsa on top. Nothing better than starting your with a good breakfast. I have to admit that when I want a “special”…

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    Seafood Quinoa

    This recipe is inspired by a Peruvian cooking style with mixture of the flavors that I have learned living in San Diego. I have been trying to eat more quinoa lately, and replace rice in my diet. After trying different…

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    Latin Flank Steak

    This recipe is one of the traditional Colombian stews with a small twist. Baking the meat at the end to give the meat more structure and texture. I see this kind of meat served in a traditional lunch restaurant, that…

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    Fritada Ecuatoriana

    My husband, being from a city known for their good BBQ ribs, is always curious to try different pork rib recipes. The seasonings used in this recipe are typical of Ecuador. However, the way that these ribs are served is…

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    Agua Chile

    Every time I go to Mexico it is almost like a food-marathon. Always pushing the limit and trying as many new dishes as our stomachs allow us. I tried agua chile for the first time this year. I’m so glad…

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    Paprika Whole Fish

    My husband and I like going to the fish market to get fresh fish pretty frequently. After trying so many types of fish, we always go back and buy rockfish. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. Rockfish…